ABC’s Of Deciding upon the Right Wheelchair Cushion

Wheelchair cushions are manufactured from a huge variety of material and are developed to fulfill a assortment of distinct functions. The to start with issue to address when picking a wheelchair cushion is why it is necessary. For instance, everybody environment in a wheelchair could use a cushion to present added convenience. Nonetheless others could have a a lot more really serious need to have, these kinds of as force reduction thanks to skin issues. And then there is the subject of positioning. Right posture hardly ever goes out of design.

Regardless of what materials you opt for you should make guaranteed that you/consumer never ever bottoms out. The phrase to “bottom out” signifies that the close customers base has appear in speak to with the seat. This indicates that the content that was picked to give comfort, strain reduction and or positioning has unsuccessful. All cushions have to have that some materials, no matter if its foam, gel, fluid or air ought to continue being concerning the stop person and the seat of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair cushions can be damaged down in to four groups.

The initial sort is the “comfort cushion”. The most popular materials applied is foam. Foam arrives in different grades and high quality. Inexpensive foam cushions are commonly two to 3 inches thick and supply a small quantity of comfort. A person of the advantages of a foam cushion is that they are gentle weight, an crucial aspect if you are in a manual wheelchair and are self propelling. Other benefits include things like: no leaks or spillage, no demanded upkeep or maintenance, reasonably priced and can be slice to dimension. The most damaging facet of a foam cushion is that it retains fluids and odor. The lifestyle expectance of the typical foam cushion is two yrs.

The next classification is the “force reduction cushion”. This is a cushion that has been analyzed and accredited by SADMERC to meet up with the standards set by the Federal Govt. Gel goods, substantial conclusion foam products and air/dry flotation are well-liked materials/solutions applied for force relief cushions. Gel/fluid is usually used as the major materials to offer pressure relief. Gel/fluid tends to be significant substance incorporating a considerable sum of pounds to the wheelchair. Keeping the wheelchair as light-weight as achievable will present the close-user the biggest quantity of individual liberty. Most gel/fluid cushions have a good foam base. This provides a foundation for the gel/fluid and can make the cushion lighter. Like foam gel/fluid cushions have to have quite tiny routine maintenance or upkeep from the conclusion-person. Gel/fluid can be ruptured or pierced and bring about it to leak. The additional costly gel/fluid cushions will have removable substitution packs of gel/fluid. The top quality of the gel/fluid cushions differ extensively. Lifestyle expectance is in between two and 5 many years, relying on the brand.

Air/dry flotation is the merchandise that is most frequently made use of when seeking to mend an open up wound. It delivers excellent force relief and highest convenience. Air/dry flotation is a incredibly light product or service as properly. If this cushion is ruptured or pierced it can typically be repaired, a great deal like a bicycle tire. Air cushions also demand they be test much more usually to assure the close-person does not “base out”. Occasionally you will will need to add air to preserve the correct force.
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The third style of cushion is the “tension aid and positioning cushion”. This wheelchair cushion delivers two diverse functions. To start with is offers stress aid and in addition it allows retain the close-consumer in the proper posture or situation. An case in point of that would be cushion that provides strain reduction with gel/fluid and has a foam base that gives positioning by means of leg reduce outs and a bucket or lower out for the shoppers base to set down in, keeping them in place. Or the air/dry floatation cushion that has a 2nd valve that locks the air in location, offering the customer a stable foundation aiding them maintain proper trunk assist.

The fourth sort of cushion is the “alternating tension cushion”. This wheelchair cushion is the best in tension relief. The cushion is particularly structure to each people today wound requires. The cushion circulates air by means of the distinctive chambers relocating the force details close to seat. This motion in convert gives considerably necessary stress relief on open up wounds. It does have to have a electrical power resource, possibly a portable battery pack or immediate relationship to a energy chair battery. The air can be modified to just about every individual’s individual desire as properly the length of time involving cycles. This helps optimize consolation and force aid. Pierced cushions can be repaired but need becoming shipped again to the manufacture. This is an superb cushion with a hefty cost tag, that’s worthy of each penny.

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