Austrian a hundred Corona Gold Cash – Lower-Premium Gold Bullion Cash In shape For a King

Austria generated a very big gold coin referred to as the Just one Hundred Coronas, issued between the decades of 1908 and 1914, to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the reign of the Austrian Emperor, Franz Josef I. The coins were only made until 1914 and a mere sixteen thousand were being struck.

After the loss of life of Franz Josef in 1916, formal restrikes of the Austrian one hundred Corona gold cash were issued. A restrike is merely a coin that was at first minted for circulation that has been officially reproduced. The formal restrikes of the gold Corona bear the day of 1915 and were issued as commemorative items.
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Below is some interesting trivia about Emperor Franz Josef I:

Emperor Franz Josef I (1830-1916) dominated as each Emperor of Austria (1848-1916) and King of Hungary (1867-1916)
The Austro-Hungarian Empire was developed in the course of his reign
Emperor Franz Josef I was the Uncle Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
The Assignation of the Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 triggered Globe War 1
Emperor Franz Joseph I was also the brother of Mexican Emperor Maximilian
The entrance of the Austrian a hundred Corona gold coin functions the profile – bare head, facing right – of Franz Joseph I. The reverse displays a topped double-headed Imperial eagle that is superimposed upon the Austrian Coat of Arms. On the edges of the Corona are the letters – VNITIS VIRIBVS.

The Coronas are minted of .900 high-quality (21.six karat) gold and have .9802 ounce of gold.

Austrian a hundred Coronas are what is recognized as small-high quality gold bullion coins. A minimal-top quality gold bullion coin is a bullion coin that is sold at a really very low high quality about the intrinsic gold price of the coin.

Due to the fact the Coronas are no longer getting minted, they are not promoted or marketed in any way. This is the cause for their reduced premium more than the location rate of gold. Other illustrations of lower-top quality gold bullion coins consist of:

Mexican 50 Pesos restrikes
Hungarian one hundred Korona restrikes
South African Krugerrands
The Austrian 100 Corona gold coins will generally promote amongst 5 to fifteen % earlier mentioned the latest location price of gold. You can frequently uncover the Coronas marketing on online auction web sites at or all-around spot gold plus five p.c.

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